Handmade Nicaraguan Balsa Wood Bird Figure p/u Bethesda off Old Georgetown Rd near Suburban Hospital
Hand crafted locally in Lehigh Valley, each is one-of-a-kind. Various styles available as photos show on consignment at Blend 108 Art Gallery and Music Event House in Bath, PA. Cool gifts as presents for Birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers, Holidays, etc. Teens and tweens LOVE them
Antique Persian Mazlaghan village rug made in early part of 20th century. -condition: good, some restoration, -circa: 1920, -size: 4.1' x 6.3' ( 128cm x 192cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Iran, -style: Mazlahan, -background colors: beige, red, blue.
Khamseh Carpet, Southwest Persia, late 19th century, three medium blue and ivory contiguous stepped hexagons on a red field displaying polychrome stylized birds, "snowflake"- type rosettes, eight-pointed stars in octagons, and "S" motifs, ivory diamond lattice spandrels, all within a navy main border with multicolored birds, blossoms, and other geometric forms, multiple ivory floral meander min...
Antique hand made Turkish rug in red shades. It is beautiful prayer carpet with red field with beige and navy blue accent. The rug is in original condition, has some minor age wear. -condition: original good, -circa: 1890s, -size: 4.1' x 6.2' ( 125cm x 189cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Turkey, -style: Turkish, -background colors: red, beige, green, blue.
Hand made decorative American hooked rug from the end of 19th century, in original good condition. -condition: original good, -circa: 1880s, -size: 1.10' x 3.9' ( 61cm x 119cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: USA, -style: Hooked, -background colors: green, beige, purple, white, sky blue, olive green.
This Turkish Yastik has very rare design of Persian Khamseh rug. The design and the colours of chocolate brown, blue, beige and red related to Persian Khamseh type of rugs. But the weave for sure is Turkish Yastik. It is one of a few such a confusing pieces. -condition: original, some age wear, -circa: 1880s, -size: 1.5' x 3' ( 45cm x 91cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Turkey, -style:...
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The pair of Armenian Karabakhs in bright red colour and beige borders. The darker shades of the rugs are not completely matchable: on one of them it has grass green colour covering chocolate brown field and on another piece it is bright blue. -condition: original, some age wear and the hole on one of the piece, -circa: 1880s, -size: 1.4' x 1.5' ( 42cm x 45cm ), -material: wool, -country of orig...
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Hand made vintage American hooked rug in original condition. This magnificent rug was made in 1950-1960 in a modern style on that time. The beautiful peach background covered with different sort of shoes all over the rug in different shapes and colors. There no similar pair of shoes on the rug. Condition of this carpet is original and great, there no holes, tears, stains or smeel. Very high qua...
Collectible Persian Khamseh bag face in original good condition. This bag is in navy blue and red shades and with the "stars" design. -condition: original good, -circa: 1880s, -size: 1.10' x 2' ( 57cm x 61cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Iran, -style: Khamseh, -background colours: white, blue, red, navy blue.
Hand made antique collectible pair of Peking Chinese rugs in navy blue and sky blue shades. The rugs are in original good condition. -condition: original good, -circa: 1870s, -size: 1.7' x 1.10' ( 51cm x 59cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: China, -style: Peking, -background colors: beige, navy blue, sku blue.
Art Deco Chinese rug in green shade. The rug is from the beginning of 20th century, in original good condition. -condition: good original -circa: 1920s, -size: 3.11' x 6' ( 121cm x 183cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: China, -style: Art Deco, -background colors: green, orange, red, beige.
Hand made antique collectible Turkoman Tekke rug in deep burgundy color with classic Tekke design - symmetric medallions in white and red shades. It is in original good condition. -condition: original good, -circa: 1860s, -size: 2.6' x 3.7' ( 79cm x 112cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Turkmenistan, -style: Tekke, -background colors: bright red, burgundy, white.
Hand made antique collectible Persian Malayer bag face in bright orange and navy blue colours. It is in original good condition. -condition: original good, -circa: 1900s, -size: 2' x 2.3' ( 61cm x 70cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Iran, -style: Malayer, -background colours: bright red, navy blue, sky blue, cream, beige, brown.
Hand made antique collectible Turkmen Yomud rug in burgundy shade and classic detailed design in azure colour. The rug is in original condition, has some damages on the corners. -condition: original, damaged corner, -circa: 1880s, -size: 2.11' x 2.3' ( 94cm x 131cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Turkmenistan, -style: Yomud, -background colors: burgundy, brown, red, beige, azure.
Antique Afghan baluch bag face in original good. Dark blue field and geometric tribal design in brown and red shades. -condition: original good, -circa: 1880s, -size: 1.7' x 1.11' ( 52cm x 59cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Afghanistan, -style: Baluch, -background colors: brown, red, dark blue.
Antique Persian Kurdish rug in traditional design, olive green and yellow shades. The rug is from the end of 19th century, in good condition -condition: original good, -circa: 1880s, -size: 4.1' x 7.6' ( 125cm x 231cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Iran, -style: Kurdish, -background colours: olive green, yellow blue,red.
Hand made antique collectible Persian Gashkai bag face in red, navy blue, beige and olive green shades. It is from the end of 19th century in original good condition. -condition: original good, -circa: 1870s, -size: 1.10' x 2.1' ( 59cm x 64cm ), -material: wool, -country of origin: Iran, -style: Gashkai, -background colours: red, navy blue, olive green, beige.