Hi! I'm a 24 year old working in documentary production. I'm clean, laid-back and I love to cook. I'm generally quiet, but always up for a chat, a beer or some netflix!
Hi, I am Darsh Mehta. I completed my undergrad in Mechanical and now want to pursue my masters in NYU. I am a sports enthusiast and movie lover. My pass time includes watching tv shows, solving puzzles and sometimes cooking. I would prefer a vegetarian roommate and possible non-smoking one.
I m currently located know Sarasota but am looking to move in August. I have a YouTube channel and would like to get into modeling while I take my online college classes in marketing. I m fairly extroverted and love to stay active and want to explore everywhere. Would love to meet a new friend for my new journey! (Wow Pinterest has nothing on me)
Hi! I'm a recent graduate who is moving to NYC to begin a one-year policy research fellowship at a workforce development and labor issues organization. I'm on the quieter side, but I'm friendly and always eager to explore new places and make new friends :)
Hello, I am looking for a place in Brooklyn start August 1st. i currently live in Jersey City. I like to live with people that I like to hangout with but can keep to myself if that's not your thing.
Very responsible and independent! Super outgoing but stays to self most of the time. Open to new things and people, love health and animals :)
I am a librarian for Queens Public Library. I have two awesome friendly dogs that will be moving in with me. I am really easy going and friendly. Just looking for a roommate(s) who are drama free and easy to get along with.
Hi, I am a Fashion Marketing Graduate currently living in Sydney Australia, and am looking to move to NYC to continue my studies!
I am a Masters student at Istanbul Technical University. I am currently looking for a room in NYC. Because I need to stay in NYC for 2 months. I will be working in NYU as an intern.
Hi y'all! I'm a 24-year-old journalist moving to New York for a job writing for Yahoo. I'm looking for a few roomies to find a place in Brooklyn preferably in a neighborhood like Williamsburg, Park Slope or Bushwick but I'm definitely willing to do Manhattan as well for the right price. Here's a little more about me: I like to spend my free time going to concerts, trying out new restaurants, wa...
I just graduated from college and will be moving to NYC to work for a lobbying firm! I am super neat and clean. I love to go to museums and see shows.