The PERFECT pet! Sweet, tame baby rat :)$10(Williamsburg, NY)

Hello! The newest litter of 7 baby rats are ready to be adopted into a forever home. My rats are of the best line and quality. They are 5 weeks old and have been handled from day 1. They have had the best start with being kept on the mother's milk for an extended amount of time, and only being fed the highest quality rat food and fresh fruits and vegetables. They are a wonderful "first pet" for a child as they are low maintenance, adorable, extremely tame, and incredibly intelligent. They also make a great pet for just about anyone looking for something small, inexpensive, and cute to cuddle with while watching TV , or just relaxing. They love being on your shoulders, and are--despite their reputation-- very clean animals. I have never had one bite me before. They have also gotten used to having a weekly "bubble bath". I have attached pictures of some of the babies. There are 4 females and 3 males. Females are $10, males are $12. Negotiated price if you are purchasing more than 1. Act quick! Can meet you anywhere in the Hampton Roads area.