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If anyone know how I can be a Spokesperson for Subway, slim fast , smoothie king , or bow flex please let me know I'm over weight and my life long dream is to get fit and healthy. I would like to be a body builder but understand if it doesn't happen. But if anyone know any one that could help please email me at terrancecarriere48@gmail.com or text me at 337 263 7220. Ad number: #378532055 Conta...
11-Oct-2018SoHo, NY+3 milesLocal Announcements
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Delicious Deals for October at Texas Chicken and Burgers! 10 PC Chicken $8.99, 3 PC Chicken $3.00, or our New 6 oz Cheese Burger for only $1.99! These offers are valid from 10/6/2018 to 11/1/2018. Don't miss it! Find the nearest location at http://www.texaschickenandburgers.com. Ad number: #377191496 Contact: Texas Chicken and Burgers Phone: 347-240-8610 City: New York, NY Zip: 10029
All of our beef and chicken come from farms where they are ethically housed and fed a fully grain-based diet - and never get administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or other unnatural chemicals. We believe that healthy food is happy food, so we make it a point to do business with farmers and distributors that treat their livestock right, from birth to slaughter. Our meat always arrives to ou...
Q !2jsTvXXmXs No.67 May 8 2018 12:38:39 (EST) Review Time. Not seeking re-election. [Senate] Bob Corker - Republican Jeff Flake - Republican Orrin Hatch - Republican No Name - Republican [Departure Soon] [House] Bill Shuster - Republican Bob Goodlatte - Republican Carol Shea-Porter - Democrat Charles W. Dent - Republican Darrell Issa - Republican Dave Reichert - Republican David Trott - Republi...
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liberal moron trump hater Judy "all ass" Klass should be tarred, feathered and put on displsay for all the world to see! she has the nerve to post this crap!This national movement is helping people to mobilize, find their voices, register and vote!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YHIy1ruGCM It's a ray of hope in a generally dark and lousy time. dark and lousy time judy ? hey judy klass go to he...
Scrumptious, 100% beef patty with zero additives or preservatives, seasoned with pepper and salt, and topped with a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and a condiment of your choice on a freshly baked bun. Try it on it s own, or make it a special with fries and a soda. www.texaschickenandburgers.com/menu. Ad number: #375536067 Contact: Texas Chicken and Burgers Phone: 347-240-861...
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Change your perspective. An attitude change can diminish jealousy. Gratitude for what you do have helps you to let go of the focus on what you don't have. Get a life. Jealousy is focused on something you want and don't have or have and are fearful of losing. Keeping your focus on what you don't have keeps you from taking responsibility to be proactive about making positive changes in your own l...
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